Guideline for Speakers | How to proceed with virtual events

Thank you for having the great opportunity to work with us!
Here is the guideline for speakers.

Overall Flow

Q & A

No, you don’t have to. You can record your presentation with Zoom, so you only need your laptop.

Please make sure the sound is clear. If the recording file’s sound quality is not so good, please use microphone.

We usually transfer the honorarium with in a week (with the accomplishment of the delivery and the invoice) via Wise ( If Wise doesn’t deal with your currency, we will use other service.

You can specify the scope of publication. (Like only those who have attended or applied to the event, only for a month, limited access with form entry, etc…)

Basically, yes. But it depends on our client.

About the format for the recording, please check this slides. (

It will be used AFTER the event.

The main purpose for use is to share the contents with those who had applied the event but couldn’t attend it. Also, in case of uploading it on YouTube, our client would like to use it as one of the marketing promotions.

You can choose the scope of publication.

It is used for promoting our client’s event, like putting on the event page, sending via e-mail, and sharing on their SNS.

The basic components are follows :
1. Self introduction: “Hello, I’m XXX. I am working for XXX as a XXXXX.”
2. The theme: “I will talk about XXXX for XX(target audience) based on my experiences at XXX(event title).”
3. Message: “I’m looking forward to seeing you at the event!”

Sample video :

It depends on our client. It would be better that we can use your company name at least to attract participants, but we will ask our client.

It depends on our client. If you want to do the recording with an interview session style, we will ask our client. So, please let us know what you prefer.