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*Job titles are as at the date of the events.

Nick Mehta氏

Nick Mehta

Nick, CEO of Gainsight, spoke in an interview format about the situation in the U.S., the company’s efforts based on the “10 New Laws of Customer Success,” and specific know-how to make them successful.

・Host : openpage Co.,Ltd.

・Date : 2022/4/20

・Event : CSProud 2022 SPRING

・Theme : Customer Success

Celia Hodent氏

UX director
Celia Hodent

Celia, ex-UX Director for the hit game “Fortnite” which has 350 million players worldwide, spoke on the topic of “Metaverse & UX” which is a hot topic today in Japan.

・Host:NIJIBOX Co.,Ltd.


・Event:UI/UX Camp!


・Title:User Experience Value Expanded by “Metaverse”

Bruce Daisley氏

Bruce Daisley

Bruce, who has great experiences at big tech companies, including Google, YouTube, and Twitter, spoke about “How to Build Strong Sales and Marketing Teams in the Era of Hybrid Work with an Eye on the Post COVID-19.

・Host:SATORI, Inc.


・Title:How to Build Strong Sales and Marketing Teams in the Era of Hybrid Work

・Theme:Remote work, Team building

Product Marketing Manager
Tucker Bryant

Tucker, who had worked as a product marketing manager at Google and is now a storyteller, spoke about “How Companies Can Use Storytelling to Create Fans”.

・Host:SATORI, Inc.


・Title:What is “storytelling,” which is essential for management & marketing to create enthusiastic fans with empathy?

・Theme:Storytelling, Purpose management

Austin Bonner氏

Recruiting Manager
Austin Bonner

We interviewed Austin about the frontline of engineering recruiting in the U.S. from various perspectives, including market conditions and automation of recruiting activities.

・Host:Givery, Inc.


・Title:The Forefront of Technical Recruiting in the U.S.

・Theme:Engineering Recruitment

Michael Rays氏

Ford Motor
Product Manager
Michael Rays

Mike and Joshua, product managers at Ford Motor Company, which has had a great impact on the Japanese automobile industry, were invited to talk about “Seven Points Product Managers Must Keep in Mind to Properly Implement OKR.

・Host:Resily, Inc.


・Title:The Realities of OKR Practice at Ford Motor


Pam Didner氏

BtoB consultant
Pam Didner

Pam, who had worked at Intel for 14 years, and is now an independent BtoB marketing and sales support consultant, talked about the latest marketing trends in the U.S. She has been named a marketing influencer.

・Host:SATORI, Inc.


・Title:5 Latest Marketing Trends You Need to Know in the Post-COVID

・Theme:BtoB marketing

Karandeep Anand氏

VP, Head of Workplace
Karandeep Anand

We interviewed Karan, who has 14 years of experience at Microsoft and is currently VP and Head of Workplace Business at Meta (Facebook), on the topic of “What is important for a BtoB startup to scale.

・Event:The Amazing Startups Exhibition


・Title:The key for BtoB startups to scale their product

・Theme:BtoB, Startups

Zachary Ross氏

Global OKR coach
Zachary Ross

Zach, a global OKR coach at Google and currently working at VMware, spoke in Part 1 and Part 2 about how OKRs can be instilled in the management team and operated in a way that produces results.

・Host:Resily, Inc.


・Title:OKR learning program


Melanie Wessels氏

Agile coach
Melanie Wessels

Melanie, who had led the implementation and penetration of OKR as an agile coach at Booking.com for nine years, and has served as an OKR Forum organizer, spoke about the fundamentals needed to make OKR successful.

・Host:Resily, Inc.


・Title:For a Successful OKR – OKR Basics and Foundations